Is he serious about me or just playing?

Kavita Hatten
January 4, 2019

You and a man have gone on a few dates. He shows interest in you and you in him. There is some fun, light conversation, mixed with flirtation and kissing. He tells you he likes you, that he had fun and wants to see you again.

All the above indicates that a man is interested in a woman, right? Yes.

But, how can you know if there is potential of a relationship at the beginning? How can you know after just a few dates if he is serious about getting to know you better or just playing?

Here are 5 key behaviors to pay attention to when you’re dating.

If you pay attention to these important signs, you’ll save yourself time, energy and disappointment.

1. He calls

The first sign to look for to know if a man is interested in getting to know you is if he calls. Not only does calling take more effort than a text, it’s a sign that he values and respects you. It also shows that he likes to hear your voice.

Although a text is more convenient and necessary to just check in or confirm plans (or even flirt), a phone call is a more intimate gesture and is a good segway to develop a connection with someone. For you, hearing the man’s voice can also be the connection that you need.

2. He shows interest

When a man is interested in a woman, he shows interest in her by asking about her day, her work, family and friends. He’ll ask questions, follow-up and listen.

For a man that’s interested in a woman, it’s important to him how he connects with her, not only on dates, but in between to maintain a connection.

Nothing is more unattractive than a conversation that is one-sided. You will know immediately if his interest is genuine by the way he talks to you.

3. He makes plans

A steadfast way to know if he’s interested is if he makes plans to see you. If he’s serious about you, he’ll want to spend time with you. He’ll call, ask you when you’re free and especially give you advance notice.

A man that does not give notice to get-together on a regular basis isn’t valuing your time or respecting you.

He assumes you’ll be there at a minute’s notice.

Another way to know is if he understands if your schedule doesn’t allow for you to meet up. He’ll be flexible and ask to see you another day. When your time and priorities are valued, you will feel that you’re getting to know a man that respects you and your boundaries.

4. He does what he says

A man that wants to get to know you better will do what he says. He will call when he says he will and follow through with dates. He will also be on time. When it comes to human psychology, behavior says a lot.

If his behavior matches his words, you have someone who can make a commitment and keep it.

Nothing feels more special when you are looking forward to seeing your man and there he is.

5. He appreciates the little things

Having a romantic dinner, going on vacation and having elaborate plans are always exciting, but the little things can be far more meaningful.

A man that’s serious about a woman will enjoy spending time with her, just sitting on the couch, talking or watching a movie. He likes being in her presence. It’s the woman that he likes. You will know if he’s “into you.” You will not have to guess.

If you pay attention to these simple behaviors, you will be far ahead in the dating game.

Not only will you be getting to know someone that you like, are attracted to and have a connection with, you will feel more respected and empowered in the process.

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