8 steps to emotional freedom

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I am a solution-focused therapist and keep therapy as simple as possible. I help people navigate change and create freedom in their lives. Through our work together, you will learn practical tools to implement right away, move forward with confidence and begin to transform your life. I offer individual therapy to adults and young adults, ages 18-75.


If you want to overcome
Anxiety attacks
Panic attacks
Social anxiety
If you want to heal from
Grief associated with a loss of a significant relationship
Separation or divorce
Loss of a loved one
Loss of a pet
Loss of a job
Loss of health or independence
Loss of connection or security
Loss of identity (codependency/relational trauma)
If you want to empower yourself and
Adapt to change
Reduce perfectionism
Improve self-esteem and combat negative thinking
Practice self-compassion and self-love
Clarify values and take action
Manage difficult emotions
Live authentically and gain freedom
Deepen relationships, intimacy and connections

Frequently Asked Questions

8 Steps To Emotional Freedom